Our First #1!!!! 

This week we are so proud and Thankful that we have officially received our first #1 song!!! Livin' the Good Life!! Yes we are. Thank you to Radio, Promoter, Fans/Friends, Family, and a Huge thank you to my Band and the ones that helped in Studio to make this music. We are on Cloud Nine right now. 


We are excited about our song Living the Good Life reaching #4 this week. Wow!! Thanks to all that were involved with this.

Three Top 10's In A Row! 

We have officially hit our 3rd Top 10 in a row with our song Livin' The Good Life. Congrats to our team for all their hard work. And Thank you to Radio For Spinning our songs and the fans for Loving what we do. 

Lovin' Life 

Our song "Livin' The Good Life" Moved up to #15 this week! Keep supporting us and join our social media outlets. Start sharing our post please. It starts with you! He have now started posting Videos on Facebook and giving you a taste of who Matt Kimbrow really is. Don't forget to post these videos and keep showing others who your favorite artist is. 

We are "Livin The Good Life" 

Livin' The Good Life is moving up the charts at a rapid pace. This week we are #20 on the TRRMR and #21 on the TMC. We are very thankful for all of Country Radio for letting us be apart of the dream. Everything is falling into place just how we planned. Our goals are being met and the band found our sound. Keep calling and requesting our song and lets all keep "Livin' The Good Life"

Thank You! 

We want to THANK everyone that supported us on this last run with our song “Lovin’ So Blind” We reached all the way up to #6 on the TRR Charts and was our 2nd Top 10 in a row. We were in the Top 10 a total of 5 weeks and in the top 20 Ten weeks in a row. There were a lot of people that helped us out so thank you again. 
Now we are ramping up April 1st and are excited to send our newest song “Livin’ The Good Life” to radio. This song is gonna knock your socks off and make you wanna scoot across the dance floor! This song will make you instantly smile and feel like you are literally in the country! We can’t wait for this release! Keep checking back for more updates.